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CD’s Are Here! Check out our store to purchase!

Posted by on November 13, 2012

We are so excited to announce the release of our first CD!  Details coming soon about our CD release party!!!

9 Responses to CD’s Are Here! Check out our store to purchase!

  1. Glenn

    Love the CD it is great!

    • iamsent

      Thanks Pastor Glenn! Thanks so much for all your prayers, help & support!!

  2. Andrew Gordon

    I enjoyed the Wednesday night service with you guys singing that song called “the blood”. =D Great Talent!

    • iamsent

      Thank you Andrew! We loved being there!! God bless you!!

      • Andrew Gordon

        Thank you! I will be buying a CD once I earn enough money…and I will spread the music with my friends! =D I hope I am Sent gets the publicity it deserves…but more than that…I pray that God will go before you and make all things possible to the faithful. =)

        • iamsent

          Andrew, we appreciate it very much! Hope you will worship with us at Jesus River Fest! May the blessings of God go before you also :)

  3. Rick Wilcox

    Love the CD!! JoAnna played it for us tonight.
    Especially Wayfairing Stranger. I just started to play & learn this week.
    Will order a CD tonight.

  4. Rick Wilcox

    Love the CD!! JoAnna played it for us tonight. You guys sound awesome! I can’t wait to see the I AM SENT Tour Bus!
    BTW. Just went to your store and bought the CD.

    • iamsent

      Wow! This means a lot coming from you!! It was under you & Teresa at youth group that my spirit began to love the praising of the Lord in song. There is such an anointing when the two of you are ministering!!! We are so blessed that you like the CD!!

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